Dom Draven

Hand made art

Artist Statement

 The artistic realm of Dominic Ventolora, where the passion of a New York City Fire Fighter converges with the introspection of a self-taught artist. Dominic’s artistic journey ignited in 2019 when he delved into the world of figure sculpture in clay. Little did he know that this medium would not only be creatively rewarding but would also become a powerful tool for emotional therapy.

With an innate ability to hyper-focus on challenging tasks, Dominic dedicated the following years to refining his craft and undertaking various commissions. However, the turning point in his artistic narrative arrived in August 2022 when he faced a life-altering injury in the line of duty. This traumatic experience not only reshaped his perspective on art but transformed the very essence of his existence.

Art, once a conduit for bringing others’ visions to life, took on a new role in Dominic’s life—it became a profound means of self-reflection and a vital component in his journey to heal and gain mental clarity. His transition to cerebral abstract work marked a departure from external commissions to an exploration of internal landscapes. In this deeply personal and evocative art, Dominic found a language that surpassed the limitations of verbal expression.

Each piece that Dominic creates is a manifestation of his profound emotional experiences, a reflection of the depths of despair and self-doubt, and an integral part of his healing process. Through his art, Dominic invites you to join him on a poignant journey of self-discovery and healing, where the transformative power of creativity meets the resilience of the human spirit.

Warm regards, Dominic Ventolora

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